“From a business perspective, the BQX is great! The more people I could get into the restaurant, the better!”

Meet Adam, owner of Greenpoint Fish and Lobster, a small business located in Greenpoint and Long Island City. 

How will the BQX help businesses along the corridor?

“We have another location in Long Island City. When it opened, customers would come in and ask, “You have another location in Brooklyn, right?” They talk about it as if it was another state. Because it’s considered to be such a different market there’s no competition between the restaurants, even though they’re two miles away. People in LIC don’t cross the Pulaski to come to Brooklyn, and vice versa.

“From a business perspective, the BQX is great! The more people I could get into the restaurant, the better! The BQX would bring more foot traffic to both Greenpoint and LIC restaurants. Trust me, getting to south Brooklyn from LIC without a car takes forever. Taking a cab would be at least $30. From LIC, it’s much easier to get into Manhattan than to get to south Brooklyn, yet it’s so close.”

What’s your daily commute like? How do you get from store to store?
“I bike or drive. I can bike really quick, but in the winter the weather won’t allow me to bike everyday. If I could walk a block or two and jump on a streetcar, that’d be great.

“Greenpoint is pretty isolated, transportation wise. We’re over a mile to the nearest train station. Any additional transportation in the neighborhood would be good for business. The problem with buses is that you’re at the mercy of slow drivers. I would ride the bus to work if it came regularly. The Nassau bus never comes. Many times I’ve tried to take the bus and I’ll wait for about 15 to 20 minutes.

“Taking my car isn’t that great of an option either. Parking around here is awful. Parking in Long Island City is awful. The only way I could drive a car is because I pay for a parking spot in the building my store is in. If I didn’t have that parking spot I wouldn’t be able to find parking anywhere. With the BQX, I could ditch the car.”

What is the current commute like for your employees?
“We have a lot of employees commuting in from Bushwick and Bedstuy, and the subway is totally unreliable. The G train causes a lot of headaches, but it’s the only train that goes from south to north Brooklyn. The buses aren’t that reliable either. The more options for public transit, the better.”

Where will you go on your first ride on the BQX?

“I would go to Downtown Brooklyn. It’s a real pain to travel there. I have a lot of friends who live out there and there’s amazing places to eat.

“I don’t want to worry about biking or driving all the time. If I’m going to dinner maybe I’ll have a couple of drinks. Or I could be meeting a friend at the bar and I don’t want to drive afterwards. I want a way to travel along the corridor that’s not such a pain. The G train is almost not on my radar. The coverage is too limited.”


– Adam, Greenpoint

Learn how the BQX will help small businesses

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