Meet Gloria and her grandson, William. They’re ready for the BQX!

We recently met with Gloria and her grandson, William. Gloria is retired and has lived in Ingersoll Houses for 47 years. William is an 8th grader who goes to middle school in Red Hook.

“I’ve lived in Ingersoll for 47 years. My husband has been here for 57 years. Growing up, we would always pass by the waterfront. It’s beautiful over there. Having a mode of public transportation that passes along the waterfront from Brooklyn to Queens would be amazing! Especially for seniors in the community. The BQX would be low to the ground, so it would be much easier for someone like me to get on the streetcar. That’s the main reason I don’t take the subways – it’s just so difficult for me to get up and down the stairs. I don’t take the buses either.

“The BQX looks so modern, and the route would make it easier to get to places you couldn’t get to before. I would take it to Brooklyn Bridge Park in the summer and down to the Ikea in Red Hook. It’s not that easy getting to Ikea now. My husband would have to drive me, but he works in the middle of the day so I would have to wait for him to get off work. Sometimes, I’d just like to go window shopping by myself, you know. I would love to just hop on a streetcar. It’s so modern, I love it!

“I would love to take the BQX to Queens to go shopping. I haven’t been to Queens in years. To get there now, I would have to walk all the way to the DeKalb or Jay Street subway, which I cannot do due to my disability. With the BQX, I would just walk over to the Navy Yard and hop on the streetcar to go uptown. I like the idea of getting around with more transit options.

“I believe the streetcar would help the Ingersoll community. The trains are far away from us and it’s all uphill to get to them. It’s a struggle for the elderly just walking to the subway. I don’t trust subways anymore. There’s too much going on. I would feel safer above ground than underground. The buses aren’t that much better. Sometimes they don’t put the bus down to the curb to help seniors. The BQX would make it easier for seniors to get around.”

– Gloria C., Fort Greene


Here’s what William had to say:

“Every morning my grandfather drives me and my cousin down to Red Hook to go to school. It’s about a 12 to 15 minute drive from here to Red Hook. The only other way to get to school is by taking two buses.

“The BQX sounds cool! I would love to see something like that soon. I’m going to high school soon so if they can build it near Williamsburg, that will be great!”

– William, Fort Greene

Help Gloria and her grandson, William, make the BQX a reality!

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