Coney Island to Long Island City: Ansuom’s Story on How the BQX Will Impact His Commute

Meet Ansuom; A college student working part-time in Long Island City.

“I’ve been living in Coney Island for past six years. I go to college full-time and work part-time at the Costco in Long Island City. My commute to work takes me two and a half hours each way. I usually leave my house around 8:00 am to clock in at 10:30 am. Sometimes it’s a struggle because I take two trains and if one of them is late it can really affect if I get to work on time. On top of that, I have to walk 20 minutes from the train station to Costco. The BQX streetcar can improve my commute significantly simply because I wouldn’t have to go through Manhattan to travel to Queens.*

“The problem with my area is that some of the train stations are shut down. I live near three train stations: Avenue X on the F train, 86th Street on N train, and 25th Avenue on the D train. The N is the main subway people gravitate to because it’s the easiest to get into the city. It’s a staple in the neighborhood – right next to Spumoni Gardens – that a lot of the members in the community use to commute. It’s currently under construction on the Manhattan-bound side and won’t be done until 2019. The F train station is under construction too, so my only option is to take the D train. It’s about a 15 minute walk to the D train and another 20 minute walk to work once I get off the train. It’s a long commute but worth it. I have to get to work.

“With the extra time commuting via the BQX, I’d have more time to study and help my mom around the house. I’m a double-major so I spend a lot of time studying on the train already, but it’s very distracting. Also, I can grab a cup of coffee or breakfast before I head into work, instead of just rushing in.

“I like the BQX because I know there’s a lot of people out there that have the same issues I have with the subway. Building the BQX will offer people in my community shorter commute times and more flexibility commuting to work. 

“For example, I went to New York Harbor School on Governor’s Island. I took a ferry to school every day for four years. Without the ferry, it would have been extremely difficult to get to school. Investments for more transportation options is crucial for the city’s growth. Having other modes of transportation along the waterfront, linking Queens and Brooklyn would provide a lot of growth. I’m an economics and marketing major. Having the BQX streetcar built would open up more options for jobs opportunities when I graduate college.

“With the extra time commuting via the BQX, I’d have more time to study and help my mom around the house.”

“I know the waterfront community pretty well. I used to work at the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a mechanic. I worked on merchant marine ships and installed pipes. While I was working at the Navy Yard more and more companies started to pop up every few months. The BQX would be amazing for Maritime-related businesses simply because the streetcar would allow workers to access the area more easily.

“After the streetcar is built I want to see what type of direction the market will take. The streetcar will not only be beneficial in furthering the connection between two boroughs, it will also create tons of opportunities for jobs and infrastructure to be easily accessible.”


– Ansuom G., Coney Island


*Editor’s Note: While there is no current plan for the BQX to go to Coney Island, someone like Ansuom who travels between Coney Island and Long Island City could use it shorten their commute by taking a subway to the BQX and then taking the BQX from Brooklyn directly to Long Island City. 

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